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Official Announcement

Raffle Giveaway 2022-1-8 result
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Winner(s): GoldFounder, Daddydaddy, Opontex, Roycogin, Daddydaddy

Detail: 1st - GoldFounder, 2nd - Daddydaddy, 3rd - Opontex, 4th - Roycogin, 5th - Daddydaddy
Congrats to all winners! 500ROBEE has been rewarded!

Detailed information:
New round has begun:
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Happy Christmas in advance my fellow jiba users. I know it's been really difficult and frustrating after some few changes on this beautiful website earning procedures. I know everyone I referred here complains bitterly, but do you know you can learn a thousand way to earn money online by being active on

Today I will be introducing you to you how to earn cool cash by just reading emails. It's quite easy and mind you I am not promising to it will make you rich but it can solve a lot of bills with just few efforts invested.

Just click and register, it's simple to join the community and you can make withdrawal similar way to jiba
Just click in withdraw to have your cash... You only need as low as half a dollar to withdraw and it is instant.

I would appreciate some likes and comments if you want me to share more ways you can earn from just using your phone. Hey don't go...
Announcement Another way to earn more money on JIBA
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You should have noticed that there are some prefix option coming out when posting a thread.

If you would like to earn more money on JIBA, there is a way:
Writer prefix means quality content/article. It will attract members to your thread.
You need to upload a cover/description image and input 400 words at least(some relative images and professional format is recommended), otherwise we will move your thread to other prefix.
The author will get 10ROBEE at least after the thread is identified as quality content.
Our mod will check each writer thread and push valued one to homepage, the author will get credit(from $0.5-$10).
Write thread needs quality to push on homepage, just think about some news/magazine website and their articles.

News thread in Industry news could get 5-20ROBEE reward, the amount varies based on the content quality.
News need to be researched and selected out useful and meaningful spot ones.
Writer thread needs to receive 2 posts(replies) at least to get...

Announcement Getting paid on JIBA

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1. Get paid for the first 2 posts(40CTF) and 1 thread(5CTF) every 24hours. We will credit 100CTF for Writer thread.

2. Raffle giveaways running every 2days, $5 prize, more info.:

3. Accomplish task in Task Center to get paid.

4. liked credit and followed credit:
When your thread or post is liked by someone else, your account get 10CTF per liked. (It could be increased later.)
When your profile is followed by someone else, your account get 10CTF per followed.
Thread is allowed to leave a tip to suggest readers to like your thread if they feel your thread is useful/high quality content.
Post is NOT allowed to ask for liked!
We will deduct 15CTF from the member who gives out a like but the content does not deserve it. The below is a sample:
[ATTACH type="full"...