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Writer Earn Free Z Cash (ZEC) Directly Into Your wallet (No deposit required)
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One of the best ways to earn free crypto coins is to claim them without spending a dime. There are numerous ways we can go about them. These include cloud mining, faucets, forum posting (like this), and many others. While this may be very small, I am not going to complain that I earned free money. In this article, I will share one of the best ways I have been earning Zec cash (Zcash) for about a week. This is very easy and you are not required to make any deposit. There is no deposit page on the site. How exciting!

One Zec cash is about $150 ( price fluctuations). Many experts believe that this is the best time to rack some crypto coins. Why? We are facing another dip cycle of 2020 and 2021. Bitcoin is likely going to go below $40k before January runs out and then we can witness another bull run.

Global Hive is more like a faucet site because you claim free Zcash every 24 hours. This site allows you to earn by logging in daily and claiming the Zcash. Immediately after your...
Raffle Giveaway 2022-1-8 result
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Winner(s): GoldFounder, Daddydaddy, Opontex, Roycogin, Daddydaddy

Detail: 1st - GoldFounder, 2nd - Daddydaddy, 3rd - Opontex, 4th - Roycogin, 5th - Daddydaddy
Congrats to all winners! 500ROBEE has been rewarded!

Detailed information:
New round has begun:
Writer Shiba Inu the Doge Killer: Can SHIB Coin Actually Kill Dogecoin?
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I have been using crypto currencies since 2016, I heard about dogecoin in 2017, however, I did not take interest in dogecoin until the beginning of January 2021, when dogecoin once shoot up. I watched it becoming 1 cent, 7 cents, 10 cents and even 68 cents, and then it came down. Currently it is 31 cents.

Shiba Inu was launched in 2020 but I did not know about Shib coins until Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Butrein received 50 percent of total circulating Shib coins from Shib coin founders. When the founders sent Shib coin to Butrein, they were expecting one of the two things to happen: one, Buterin will keep the coins and spread the words, two, Buterin wi burn the coins and create scarcity. Both of these would help Shib Coin gain prominence. Butrein burned 90 percent of his shib coins and donate the remaining 10 percent (the equivalent of over a billion USD) to Covid relief funds in India.

Dogecoin Vs. Shiba Inu: The Battle of Dogs

When Dogecoin started growing, I wanted to invest...
Writer Can Paid To Post Site Become Your Main Source of Online Income
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We enjoy interacting on Jiba and other forums. It is fun, it is educative and it is informative. However, no one can deny the fact that a lot of us are here because we earn some cash at the end of the day. Jiba is Paid to Post site where we earn by publishing short comments/posts.

Making Money on Paid To Post Sites

A lot of members on this form are also on numerous other paid t post sites like Trendri, Bizdustry, Beer Money to name a few. If you ask me what is the easiest way to make money online, I will say publishing on paid to post sites. The only requirement is English language skills and the ability to write (I am referring to English language paid to post sites). You don’t have to be English graduate or possess a degree in writing, average language and writing skills will do.

Can you actually make a lot of money from paid to post sites?

I started posting on forums in December 2020. I joined Forum Coin and Forum Coin introduced me to other paid to post sites. When I look...
Writer How to Make Money on Your Website With Infolinks
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Whether you are creating a first website or the 10th website, possibly Adsense is your first priority for website monetization. Adsense accepts small, medium or large websites, provided the content is original, unique and high quality. Unlike most of the ad networks, you don’t need volume traffic to get approved.

I have one website approved on Adsense, however, my second website gets rejected again and again. My first website was also not approved in the first attempt. When my website was approved, it had

30 posts with more than 1000 words;

About, contact, and privacy policy pages;

Unique and original content;

Content not on heavily saturated topics;

Well formatted content

Header menu for easy navigation; etc.

Until now my second site has been rejected 9 times. Meanwhile I also submitted my site to and Infolinks. Thankfully these ads have proved my site.

What is the best Adsense Alternative? Infolinks or Media.Net?

Now, that I do not have adsense on my second...
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Happy Christmas in advance my fellow jiba users. I know it's been really difficult and frustrating after some few changes on this beautiful website earning procedures. I know everyone I referred here complains bitterly, but do you know you can learn a thousand way to earn money online by being active on

Today I will be introducing you to you how to earn cool cash by just reading emails. It's quite easy and mind you I am not promising to it will make you rich but it can solve a lot of bills with just few efforts invested.

Just click and register, it's simple to join the community and you can make withdrawal similar way to jiba
Just click in withdraw to have your cash... You only need as low as half a dollar to withdraw and it is instant.

I would appreciate some likes and comments if you want me to share more ways you can earn from just using your phone. Hey don't go...
Writer Cryptocurrency Investment: How to Build Your Crypto Assets Gradually and Become Rich
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Do you know what the best thing about cryptocurrency is? Well, anyone can profit from cryptocurrencies irrespective of knowledge, skills, and financial position. While having a lot of money might help a person who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies, however, even the people who can invest $50-60 can actually benefit from cryptocurrencies. You didn’t even have to buy cryptocurrencies to make profit. You can join various earning sites that pay via cryptocurrencies. Instead of spending all of these cryptocurrencies, you can hold at least 50 percent of what you earn. After sometime, you can have a decent amount of cryptocurrencies.

Lessons I Learned After Squandering my Cryptocurrencies

In December, 2015, I was asked by a Canadian client if I wanted to receive payment via Coinbase. I did not know what Coinbase was. When I Googled Coinbase, I came to know about Bitcoin. Prior to that I had heard of digital currency, but did not know anything about crypto currency, blockchain and even...
Writer Earn And Withdraw KIN TOKEN By Following These Simple Steps
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This is a great opportunity to earn some tokens and watch the growth in the coming years. The KIN cryptocurency is used as money within a digital ecosystem of customer applications and services. The KIN token was initially built under the Etheruem Blockchain as an ERC-20 token. Just over a year ago, a proposal was made to put the KIN ecosystem to migrate from Ethereum blockchain to the Solana Blockchain. This migration proposal was in respeosmw to the tremendous growth of the KIN ecosystem, which has now over 3 million active monthly spenders and it was developed by the Kik team.

Market Value:

The KIN token is worth above Shiba Inu and is currently trading at $0.00008672 and has reached a high of $0.00009717. The KIN token is ranked number 375 on the market Cap Rank.

How To Earn

Users can earn the KIN token by doing some simple tasks. The earning app is available on the Google Play Store as PeerBet. Users can sign in with their Facebook account for easy accessibility.
Writer Basic Guide To Use Reddit As A Marketing Tool
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Reddit is one of the largest social media out there. And yet, it is underutilized by online marketers.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the social platform attracted more than 1.5 billion visitors per month.

Not to mention, roughly half of the traffic is from the USA. Most marketers know how traffic from the USA is generally good due to how people there love to do online shopping. Now, imagine if you can redirect even a fraction of Reddit's huge traffic to your website. Your website will be flooded with converting visitors in no time, bringing in huge amount of revenue. Amazing right?

Now the hard part is figuring out a way to promote your online business on Reddit. Many marketers failed in this step, mostly because they don't understand how the platform works.

For starter, Reddit is divided into many user-made niche communities called Subreddit. You can find a Subreddit for almost all kind of niche. One of the keys to...

Google play bounty

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Dear Jiba members,

Start earning ROBEE for being part of!

If you are a bounty hunter you can get rewarded 50 ROBEE(0.5USD) after Download and Comment our official Jiba android app

  1. Download and give a review on our Jiba app on google play
  2. After you finished, pls take a screenshot and upload it below in this thread to be approved and paid accordingly.

  • Anyone can join this bounty as long as your mobile phone using google play.

NOTE: Don't submit content that is not yours, you will be banned from bounty offers and our network for the attempt of cheating.


Claim: 50 ROBEE after Download and Comment the app.

In a maximum of 7 days, you will be verified and given rewards for your work.

Writer How To Make Money From Your Hobbies
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Hobbies are spare time activities which you do not for money or other gains but the sheer pleasure of doing it.

What if we could make money from our hobbies? I mean not as a vocation but as a side hustle.

Let say you are passionate about playing guitar, but you don’t have a desire to build your career as a guitar player. What if you could earn by playing guitar in your spare time? Can you actually make money from your hobby of guitar playing?

Well, you can. You can either create a youtube video where you are playing cool music or publish a tutorial video. You can make money from youtube videos. Or, perhaps you can teach neighborhood kids how to play guitar. If gardening is your hobby, you can make money from gardening. There are unlimited possibilities.

How to Make Money as a Hobbyist Photographer?

Hobbyist Photographer is not someone who is into photography to make money, instead, he is trying his hand son photography only for fund and...
Writer Approve Your UpWork Account By Following These Steps
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Many have found it beneficial to work from home during this period. They enjoy what they know how to do best from the comfort of their home, and earning income. One of such big platforms available to all is UPWORK.

UPWORK is a global platform for all kinds of skills ranging from writing, graphic designing, etc. Below are some of the job opportunities available:

With over 18 million registered freelancers and millions of jobs posted daily, UPWORK is one of the largest freelancer marketplaces in the world. However, because of its high demand and popularity, thousands of applications are submitted each day. UPWORK cannot look at each form and as such, set up a system that makes it easier to select the best applications from the very best. It took me two trials to get my upwork account approved. The first one was done out of order as I did not have any idea of how it is done.
However, I am going to share you some tips to get your account approved. Below are 7 useful tips to get your...

Writer 5 Other Likely Challenges E-Naira Will Face in Nigeria After The App's Disappearance From Google Play store

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  • 5

The E naira is the first digital currency to be launched in Nigeria. Just days after the app was made available on the google play store, it has been reported to have been taken down. According to the Cable NG, the reason for the removal from the play store app was because it was said to violate policies.

Many Nigerians gave negative reviews about the app after encountering problems during registration. These problems were what caused the poor ratings and eventual removal because the app couldn't meet the minimum functionality policy

Although the E naira is a good innovation, seeing as it aims to facilitate digital transactions. However, there are some challenges that are bound to come up when trying to implement this digital currency. In this article, we would examine the likely problems likely to be encountered while implementing the app...
Writer How Internet Marketers Are Making 7-figures
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Ever wondered what online marketers are doing, claiming to be new in the market and stuff, which as a matter of fact is true, But even up till now, their still killing it.

I'm going to list out a few reasons why they are like that, and show you that anyone can do the same.

First let me start by stating who an Online Marketer is:
Basically an Online marketer is someone with creative (note that word) digital marketing skills and strategies, utilising SEO, or any other techniques to get visible online and direct customers to his or her product and service.

An Online marketer is also like an entrepreneur
According to Google,
An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business from scratch (most times) and takes all the risks (financially and otherwise) Hoping to make profit
But here is my pitch, this definition is way off, it's not necessarily that, Over the years the practical definition of an entrepreneur is evolving, just like every other thing is evolving...
Writer Three Ways to Earn Profits on Your Crypto Currencies
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If you have some cryptocurrencies, you can earn profits from your cryptos. Here are three ways to earn profits from your cryptocurrencies.

How to earn by staking cryptocurrencies on Binance


In a layman’s term, staking crypto currency means, depositing your crypto currency in an account on an exchange platform to earn fixed rewards for a fixed tenure. Staking crypto currency is just like depositing money in a fixed deposit account for a fixed term to earn higher interest rates. Just like with your fixed deposit bank account where you cannot use your funds until the fixed deposit term ends, you cannot also use your staked crypto currency. However, some platform allows you to use your staked crypto currency.
There are a lot of platforms that you can use to earn from my crypto currencies by staking. Binance is one such platform that you can use for staking. Another platform that I can suggest is Exodus. You can stake your crypto...
Writer CBN E-NAIRA : The introduction of digital currency in Nigeria
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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is set to launch the eNaira Today 24th of October 2021 unfailingly.

Let us take a closer look at the eNaira, what it means for you, and how you can position to take advantage of its launch.

What is the e-Naira?

The e-Naira will be a digit representative of the paper Naira currency issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

The eNaira will be a “complementary” legal tender in Nigeria, having the same exchange value as the Naira, and maintain a “parity of value” with the Naira.

The e-Naira will not earn any interest to holders.

The e-Naira is built on a blockchain open ledger technology.

Creating the eNaira on the blockchain means you cannot have a duplicate or fake eNaira.

Each eNaira note will be unique.

Is the e-Naira a Stablecoin?

A stable coin is a cryptocurrency backed by reserves.

The keyword is reserves, but what kind of reserves?

Stable coins are backed by holding an equal equivalent of FIAT money like the US dollar.

Writer Website Monetization Tips: Understanding How CPA, CPM, and CPC Ads Work
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In this post, I will explain, what CPA, CPM, and CPC ads are and how you can profit by using these ads on your websites, blogs and forums.

Making Money from Website: CPA Ads Vs. CPM Ads

CPA Ads are popular monetization options for bloggers and website owners. If CPA ads worked for you, you might earn a lot of money from one ad conversion. CPA means Cost Per Action. The word Action refers to the activities like sign up, purchase etc. In other words, CPA ads are the ads where the publishers will earn when the visitors click on the ad and perform an action. One of the common types of CPA ads are affiliate ads. If the visitor clicks on the ads and buys the products advertised by the ad, the publisher will earn a lot of money.

CPM ads are also a popular monetization solution for bloggers. Sometimes CPM ads are considered the best option for making from your blog and website because you do not need engagement on your ad to earn, as long as people come to your site and the ad...
Writer What you need to know about Branch loan and digital banking
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Branch loan and digital banking was first established as an online loan company in March 19, 2015. Later on, they expanded to serve in two capacities, which is, as a 'loan company and also as an online banking institution. Such implementation was done recently, and it happened in 2021 with the reviews I've done concerning the company.


Their are enormous benefits surrounding your time banking with branch loan and digital banking company if you're from Nigeria specifically. You'll simply reap benefits all through banking with branch without paying a dime or incuring charges on your wallet. The benefits you'll get with branch is as follows;

* Access to branch loan app without collateral, set your own pay schedule, either weekly, monthly or in two months duration with 20% charges attached to it during...
Writer How to set up Binance 'PAY account, send and receive coins using your PAY account
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What is BInance Pay?
Binance Pay feature was recently added by Binance CEO 'changpeng Zhao and his executive team members. It's primary objective is simply to make boarder-less, contact-less crypto currency payment using Binance exchange platform anywhere, anytime to a fellow Binancian using the 'Pay feature.

To set up a Binance Pay wallet is one time, simply hassle-free, you don't need to stress yourself over it. Just get a Binance exchange account, complete your KYC verification process, if you never did that. After successful KYC verification, then you can head over to Binance main interface. Search for the 'Pay feature using more option in the main interface. A clear image found below will simply guide you, how to do just that.

Image from

You'll simply...
Writer Are You in Crypto Business? You Should Know How to Increase Followers on Social Media
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Are you a crypto trader? Or you’re working to increase your customer base through YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media platform to sell, teach or discuss crypto or any other related product. If your answer is yes, then this post can be very useful for you. And if you are planning to join this field or still in the learning phase or still deciding, you must take care of the following points.

If you are a crypto trader, then you should keep a record of your investments and trades if you want to move forward at the right place. First, make an accurate assessment of the investment that you’re willing to make. Now, divide the investment into two parts, long-term investment and short-term or daily trading.

Measure your trades every week to see if you have a profit or loss. Keep track of how you fared in a particular crypto, or how your investments benefited (or suffered losses), and which investments suffered losses. One can maintain their record online or offline. You have to...