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Writer Are You in Crypto Business? You Should Know How to Increase Followers on Social Media
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Are you a crypto trader? Or you’re working to increase your customer base through YouTube, Twitter, or any other social media platform to sell, teach or discuss crypto or any other related product. If your answer is yes, then this post can be very useful for you. And if you are planning to join this field or still in the learning phase or still deciding, you must take care of the following points.

If you are a crypto trader, then you should keep a record of your investments and trades if you want to move forward at the right place. First, make an accurate assessment of the investment that you’re willing to make. Now, divide the investment into two parts, long-term investment and short-term or daily trading.

Measure your trades every week to see if you have a profit or loss. Keep track of how you fared in a particular crypto, or how your investments benefited (or suffered losses), and which investments suffered losses. One can maintain their record online or offline. You have to...
Writer Can unemployment make you give up your passion just for money?
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When we say passion, we are talking about what you're happy doing, what you enjoy doing which isn't comparable to any other.

At this present time, lots of persons find themselves doing job or business they aren't passionate about just because they need the money involved in what they do.

Here in my locality, the govt have neglected the citizens alot, to the extent those who studied at the tertiary institutions don't go into their field of study, they simply work anywhere just to have means of livelihood especially in this dreaded covid19 pandemic time.

But nevertheless, lots of persons are still passionate about what makes them happy all day without compromising it for any amount of money. But such persons are financially stable, it's hard to find those who are passionate about a particular job that offers low reward at this present time. Everyone is simply looking for financial derivatives, which is enough to make ends meet, solving their primary needs at least.

Raffle Giveaway 2021-10-19 result
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Winner(s): Rilirebo, Francsolone, Victorlife, Golden lady, Shagisheen

Detail: 1st - Rilirebo, 2nd - Francsolone, 3rd - Victorlife, 4th - Golden lady, 5th - Shagisheen

5000CTF has been rewarded! Congrats to all winners!

Detailed information: https://jiba.ng/raffle/8/view
New round has begun: https://jiba.ng/raffle/9/view
Writer Why the Underdeveloped and Developing World is so Worried about Cryptocurrencies?
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There has been a lot of discussion about the act on crypto in various countries around the world for some time. The governments have been talking about and making laws on this subject against the popular demand of the public. People have been requesting and even agitating in favor of crypto-currency in various developing and under-developing countries for a long time.

Governments are adamant and have no answer. Meanwhile, the media is also involved in its own beliefs and stories based on reports from their own sources. However, the media is in favor of cryptos, like most citizens that see crypto as an additional source of income and investment.

National banks of all such countries have their own viewpoint as they don’t want a parallel economy or currency saying that there is a lot of fluctuation in the price of crypto, so they have to take a decision on this subject and protect the investment of the citizens of these countries and the security is of the country at risk and they...
Writer Cryptocurrency Banks That You Can Use in 2021 and Beyond
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Just like the normal banks, Cryptocurrency banks are the platform where you can deposit cryptocurrencies and earn interest on your crypto currencies, and also burrow money by using your cryptocurrency deposit as collateral.

Cryptocurrency Banks That You Can Use in 2021 and Beyond

If you want to use Cryptocurrency banks, here are top 5 crypto banks that you can use.

Nexo.io: This is one of the most secured crypto currency bank. It is insured for $375 million by BitGo and Ledger. It is available in 200 countries, you can earn interest on 21 crypto currencies, 40 fiat currencies are available for exchange/withdrawal, and you can earn upto 12 percent interest, and get paid daily. Instant burrow is available.

Celsius.Network: You can earn upto 17 percent APY and get paid every Monday. You can burrow at 1 percent APR. You get more than 40 collateral options and more than 7 burrow options.

AAVE: Aave.com is a open source liquidity protocol where you can earn interest on your crypto...
Writer Vauld- A Crypto Bank That Caters For All Your Crypto Related Requirements
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Vauld- A Crypto Bank That Caters For All Your Crypto Related Requirements

Vauld is a crypto bank that provides all the services offered by a bank for purchasing crypto, lending, loaning, trading, and spending crypto. The consumer uses Vauld to organize their held crypto and can keep, lend, take, buy, sell, and swipe crypto. Consumers can be sure of their funds placed on Vauld as the rules of top security are followed here.

Users can easily spend their cryptos at their favorite marketplaces with credit cards that store their cryptos. Vauld permits consumers to earn interest on their deposits of cryptocurrency and also borrow crypto against their demand. In order to borrow, the user does not have to liquidate their crypto. Vauld offers an easy exchange policy for all consumers.

If other platforms also reduce their exchange fees to 0.05% (less than 1%), this fee is much less than other platforms, which is beneficial and economical for the consumers and also helps in giving higher...
Writer Will Bitcoin Touch $75K as Trading in Bitcoin Futures By SEC Is About to Commence?
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At the time of writing this post, Bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency, was trading at $61587.70. I thought it was important that BTC surge past the 60K mark, which it did on Friday after nearly 25 weeks of reports that the American market regulator was to set a futures exchange trade fund by this month’s end, the first ETF of its kind.

According to Bloomberg, SEC, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, will allow trading in Bitcoin futures next week. We can see that Bitcoin trading over 61K right now, gaining over 4.4% on trademarketcap.com, and is about 7% below its ATH that it touched in April this year.

Another interesting fact is that other currencies like Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, Salona, and Polkadot are also getting excellent support from investors. However, the encouraging news is that several fund managers, including Proshares, VanEck, and Galaxy Digital, five in all, are ready to launch Bitcoin ETFs and have already applied in the US. I believe this will help boost...
Writer Evidence and tips to avoid Binance P2P Trading Scam
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Binance is one of the best crypto trading apps in the world with several features ranging from future trading, peer-to-peer trading, and many others. The ban on crypto in my country has made peer-to-peer trading to be very popular. It is a platform that connects a buyer with the sellers while Binance will provide the escrow service between both parties. However, things can go awry when one of both parties fails to be honest.

During my few months of using Binance P2P trading, I have never had the reason to doubt the other party until my last sell order.

On Sunday, I wanted to place a sell order of $45 worth of USDT. The buyer input 563 naira per dollar. On placing the order, I was shocked to see the 563 changed to 513. In few seconds, the buyer sent the money which resulted in 2,000 naira lost.

Before transaction:

After placing a sell order, see the new price:

Tips to avoid being scammed:
1. Check the current price and see the ones that meet...
News Bitcoin ETF Will Make It Hard for Retail Traders
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Bitcoin ETFs are investment instruments, similar to stocks, so investors don't have to deal with real Bitcoins.
Bitcoin ETF twitter.jpg
According to Woo, on his Twitter account, tweeting, "If the Bitcoin ETF is approved then the ETF effectively provides Bitcoin storage to hedge funds through the chain, a profit incentive, because of the dominance of futures contracts then Bitcoin futures ETFs have the potential to suppress prices and volatility. So that Bitcoin futures will be more expensive than the spot price because large long positions have been opened by hedge funds. To make a net profit, will sell the futures contract while buying the spot. Most of the amount of Bitcoin in circulation will be controlled by hedge funds, whales, institutions and banks, so they can manipulate the price of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin ETF will be a hoax for retail investors. There are several alternatives or possible tricks and manipulations that will be carried out by big players, one of...
News Flokinomics Just launched yesterday already up 2400%
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Totally Crazy, Elon Musk Fans created a new token named after his dog Elon Musk, just yesterday it was launched it has gone up 2400%, this token is called Flokinomics FLOKIN. On Sunday Oct 03, 2021 it was trading at $0.000002254 and according to Coinmarketcap as of Wednesday morning it was up 2400% for 24 hours. The current price of Fokinomics is $0.00005005. Critics lamented the behavior of Elon Musk who always pumped crypto at his own pace so that it would be detrimental to retail investors.
Writer PiggyVest: Save with interest
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It is not glib to say banks offer little or no interest when you save your money with them. Piggyvest is the best place to save your money and earn a daily interest rate depending on the amount of money saved. Business owners can find this very comforting as it offers many platforms to enjoy.

1. PiggyBank
With four free withdrawal days in the year, you can meet your savings goals faster. You can save daily, weekly, or monthly and you can always change your frequency at any time for free. These four days are Christmas (31st of December), Easter(March 31st), 30th of June and 30th of September.

2. FlexNaira
You earn 8% per annum and this is subject to limiting 4 withdrawals in a month. If you withdraw more than 4 times a month, you lose your interest for the month. This is to avoid making frequent withdrawals.

3. Safelock
This is more like a fixed deposit account. You have no access to the funds until full maturity. You earn up to 13% interest per annum and the interest is paid...
News SEC Approves ETF for 'Bitcoin Revolution Companies', Portfolio Includes Tesla and Twitter
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The new ETF from Volt Equity will give investors exposure to a range of companies like MicroStrategy and Square that hold crypto.​

In brief​

  • The SEC approved an ETF consisting of companies holding large amounts of Bitcoin on their balance sheet.
  • The ETF's portfolio will include around 30 companies, including Tesla and PayPal.
  • The approval comes as the crypto world continues to wait for the SEC to approve a pure Bitcoin ETF.

As the crypto world awaits anxiously for the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve a Bitcoin ETF, the agency took another step in that direction by approving a fund called the "Volt Bitcoin Revolution ETF."

Managed by San Francisco-based Volt Equity, the fund will provide retails investors with exposure to Bitcoin by creating a portfolio of...
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Truth be told, I won't call this an HYIP and it is not a get-rich scheme. This is far from it. ANTUSDT has erased all doubts and it is trusted and confirmed.

Introduction to AntUsdt
Antusdt's main business scope includes: cryptocurrency collection, payment, cash lending, cash borrowing, multi-country and multi-platform acceptance, etc.

AntUsdt is the only platform in the world that is open to retail investors, where retail investors and merchants are mutually beneficial and win-win.

By authorizing to join the cross-chain mixed currency, your assets will be mixed with hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies around the world. Through countless asset interactions and the use of cross-chain jump methods, you can completely conceal the funds traces of participating users and achieve mixed currency effect. Antusdt has a large number of cooperative merchants. The mixed currency pool can handle a large number of assets with privacy requirements 24 hours, and provide encrypted...
News El Salvador Mines Bitcoin Using Volcano
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Not long ago we heard that Bitcoin has become a legal tender in El Salvador, This time the country is horrendous by mining Bitcoin using Volcano. El Salvador experts say it will provide about 95MW of geothermal energy that is 100% sneezing and zero emissions from volcanoes. Although the value is still very small, but for the first time Bitcoin mining using Volcana in El Salvador has earned around 0.00599179, US$ 270, but it has shown the success of mining Bitcoin using Volcano.
Writer Excellent Ways of Using Payeer e-Wallet
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Excellent Ways of Using Payeer e-Wallet
By- Md. Mosiur Rahman

In this article, I will discuss Payeer electronic wallet how anyone can use it and what types of advantages and disadvantages he will face.

Payeer is one of the best multi-currency wallets in the world of online activities. It was founded in 2012 at Tallin, Estonia in Russia. Since the journey till now, Payeer has accomplished many things for the welfare of the people. It has three fiat currencies like US Dollar, Euro, and Russian Rubble etc and it has also seven cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Tether, and Ripple etc. One can exchange any main currency and cryptocurrencies in the twinkling of an...
Announcement Another way to earn more money on JIBA
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You should have noticed that there are some prefix option coming out when posting a thread.

If you would like to earn more money on JIBA, there is a way:
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Write thread needs quality to push on homepage, just think about some news/magazine website and their articles.

News thread in Industry news could get 50-200CTF reward, the amount varies based on the content quality.
News need to be researched and selected out useful and meaningful spot ones.

Each author can only post ONE writer thread within 24hours. It...

Writer OnlineBookClub.org

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Are you a passionate storybook reader and writer? You might want to turn your interest by making a minimum of $5 per review. Onlinebookclub gives you books for free and you download, read and write a 400-word review in return.

The review must follow their guidelines as anyone that fails to do so will be poorly scored and may likely miss the reward. The payment withdrawal is PayPal.
You can find sci-fi, romance, thrillers, history, fiction, and non-fiction books on this site. It is legit as I have withdrawn almost $100.

NB: You have to be patient enough to read through

Announcement Getting paid on JIBA

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[ATTACH type="full"...

Task Telegram Bounty

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